Abacus Brain Study is a patented mental calculation computerized program from Canada. It trains children for brain image thinking with high-tech computer and improves their mental calculation effectively. Children can calculate with high accuracy and high speed that exceeds the results of traditional training. We also develop the memory, concentration and thinking ability of children at the same time. The best age for studying Abacus Brain Study is 6-8 years old.



  • Target group : Children aged 5-9
  • 1.5 hours per session, 1 session per week


  • is a training of brain thinking.
  • stimulates brain cell development by using advanced computer-based technology
  • helps children in rapid calculation by visualizing and internalizing the image of virtual abacus in their mind.

Fast math is just the beginning:

  • ABS activates both sides of the brain. Advanced computer-based technology stimulates brain cell development. Fast maths is just the beginning; it greatly enhances the sense of space, memory, concentration and thinking…


  •  Study aspect: enhance understanding in Maths, calculation, memory, concentration and listening.
  • Intelligence aspect: develop intelligence, thinking, and sense of space, logical thinking and problem analyzing skill.
  • Life aspect: cultivate patience, problem-solving ability, creativity, determination and decision making ability.

Progress Guarantee:

Obvious improvement is guaranteed.There are many successful examples in Canada. For details, please refer to

ABS Progress:

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