SMART MATHS ADVANCED is a comprehensive Mathematics curriculum specially designed for 8-15 years old students in higher maths level. This program does not only provide the depth training for Mathematics, but also cultivate students’ reasoning abilities, problem-solving and analytical skills. It establishes their independent learning and hence prepare for their future examination.



  • Target group : Children with outstanding Mathematics, aged at 8-15
  • 1 hour per session, 1 session per week


  • Smart Maths curriculum is designed by Mathematics Education Expert, for children with outstanding Mathematics.
  • Smart Maths covers five major areas: Logic thinking, Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, Statistic and Probability, Problem solving and Application.
  • Smart Maths enhances children’s Mathematic skills, logical reasoning, problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Smart Maths stimulates children’s potential through proper guidance, breaks their inertia of thinking, challenges themselves and helps them to be independent in learning.
  • Exercises are designed to be diversity, so as to prepare for the examination in the future.

Pre-course assessment:

Free pre-course assessments are provided to students so as to provide the most suitable course for each student.


Advance Maths Exercise Sample:Download