VCE Tutorial classes can be into groups or individual tutorials. All our teachers are veteran teachers and our program are designed for preparing VCE examination. We provide revisions, pre-teaching and focus drilling, so as to help students fully understand VCE focus questions.



  • Teach VCE Maths syllabus and practise examination past paper.
  • Aims at improving students’ academic performance.
  • Target group: Grade 10-12 students, studying VCE Maths
  • 1.5-2 hours per session, 1-2 sessions per week
  • It can be into groups or individual.


  • Individualized teaching
    Students with different degrees suit different exercises. Proper exercises help them to improve more quickly.
  • Teaching schedule
    The teaching schedules are tailor-made for individuals. Students may choose revisions; focus drilling, pre-learning or teaching.
  • Past paper drilling
    VCE past paper drilling are provided. Students may fully understand the focus of VCE questions by understanding the problem, answering them, making mistake and correcting them.
  • Individual tutorial
    Students can improve more rapidly in individual tutorials.
  • Grouping by yourself
    Tutors can focus on their special need, which is based on the requirement of the group.
  • Flexible schedule
    The number of sessions can be changed as according to the performance of the group. The aim is to provide the most efficient way to improve performance of students.


VCE Exercise Sample (Grade 7-9):Download
VCE Exercise Sample (Grade 10-12)‏:Download